Massage for Healing and Wellness

Beki has been a lifesaver helping me recover from an accident.  Her massages have sped the recovery process and helped enormously in managing the pain.  She's made a world of difference.  -Susan

Felt very connected and content. I seemed to have so much positive awareness and different perspective in my mind's eye.  -Casey

Beki was fantastic all around! -Becky

Beki is a natural healer with a confident and comforting touch. Seems to intuitively know spots that need attention, without being told.  She was very knowledgable...focused on both healing and relaxing muscles.-Mary massage I ever had! -Tamara, Licensed Massage Therapist

Beki was easy to talk to and built excellent rapport. Her arm and facial work was great.  She was concerned about meeting my needs.  Perfect! - Eric

Liked most: excellent rapport and most thorough, varied techniques I've ever had in a full body massage. Liked least: that it had to end. -David

Good detail work on spine. Felt good energy from therapist. -Bert, Licensed Massage Therapist