Massage for Healing and Wellness
About Beki

I graduated from the Healing Arts Center in St. Louis, the original massage school in Missouri and one of the most respected nationwide. I also completed extensive training in trauma-touch therapy with Chris Smith at the Colorado School of Healing Arts and CranioSacral Therapy (CST) at the Upledger Institute.

I came to massage by way of my own healing. While exploring traumas in my life, I found life-changing freedoms in the physical, emotional and spiritual touch of massage. I felt compelled to change the course of my career and get trained in bodywork. Now I’d like to use my training and healing experiences to walk with you toward pain-free physical health and emotional wholeness.

When I’m not giving massage or bodywork, or learning more about health and wellness, I’m probably relaxing with my awesome husband, cooking vegan food, participate in St. Louis Plant-Centered Living activities, biking, working out, walking, collecting leaves, reading, writing poetry, spending time with my family, or going to church.

I invite you to contact me for free phone consultation. We can work together to customize a healing plan that fits your needs.

Until then, Peace.

— Beki 


The only thing to be done,

now that the waves of our unfolding 

have begun to strike on

us is to contain ourselves.


To keep still, and let the wreckage

of ourselves go,

let everything go, as the wave

smashes us, yet keep still,

and hold the tiny grain of 


that no wave can wash away, 

not even the most massive wave of 


D.H. Lawrence